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Top Mount Sinks

Top mount stainless steel kitchen sinks are an affordable and attractive way to spruce up your kitchen and complete your kitchen remodel. Adding a stainless sink and faucets along with a new countertop can remake a kitchen just as dramatically as replacing the flooring and appliances.

The Beauty of Stainless

Stainless steel sinks have a bright shine and clean finish that lasts for years. Stainless is lighter than cast iron, and unlike porcelain or engineered materials, it won’t chip, crack or stain. Stainless is durable and easy to clean. Sound insulation pads block the noise that was once considered a drawback of using stainless. Stainless steel sinks blend well with stone and synthetic countertops and work with both modern and traditional designs.

Top Mount vs. Undermount

Undermount sinks are costly and usually require professional installation. The cut surface of your countertop must be finished, adding to the expense. The latex sealant used to set undermount sinks is sometimes water-soluble, and can weaken over time and possibly leak. Undermounting may also limit the size of your sink, since you’ll have to choose one that fits the dimensions of your cabinet boxes.

Top mount sinks are affordable and simple to set with only basic tools. Installation clips make it easy for a homeowner to do on his or her own. Top mount sinks are generally larger and less prone to leaking. Top mount sinks cover the unfinished edges of the countertop, allowing you to save money by going with a rough cut.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Top Mount Sinks

Choosing a sink is just one of the many decisions you’ll have to make when planning your kitchen remodel. A few points to consider:


  • Affordability - Stainless steel top mount sinks are the best value for the money, bar none
  • Durability - Stainless is easy to clean, holds a finish for years and won’t chip, crack, stain or tarnish
  • Heat Resistant - Hot pans go directly from the stove to the sink without worrying about scorch marks
  • Versatile - Stainless steel sinks are available in a variety of designs that complement both contemporary and classic decor
  • Protective - Top mount stainless sinks cover the exposed edges of soft countertops including Corian, marble and soapstone
  • Hygienic - Stainless steel naturally resists germs and bacteria


  • Scratches - Harsh abrasives or scouring powders can scratch the steel surface
  • Single Color Option - Stainless is available in only one color
  • Wear and Tear - Heavy use and improper care can cause the surface to dent or dull over time
  • Seams - Top mount sinks are sealed where the edges meet the countertop, and the seams may be difficult to clean

Style Guide

Use top mount double bowl sinks for dishwashing in traditional kitchens, or place one or two top mount single bowl sinks in modern settings.

Contemporary Looks

Used with stainless steel appliances and dark marble, engineered stone or granite countertops, stainless steel sinks create cutting-edge modern kitchens, but stainless works equally well with black, white, or colorful kitchen appliances, particularly those with chrome or steel accents.

Classic Design

Especially when paired with white painted cabinets, stainless steel sinks merge seamlessly into country kitchens. For a softer, more casual look, combine honey-colored cabinets with brushed nickel hardware, white laminate countertops, and a backsplash of glass tiles in gold, gray and silver tones.

A Wealth of Options

As a leader in affordable kitchen and bath remodeling, we’re proud to offer stainless steel top mount kitchen sinks in both single- and double-bowl designs in round, rounded square and rounded-D shapes with brushed bowls and mirror-finished rims. Designed for maximum hygiene and durability, our sinks are constructed of 304 20-gauge stainless steel with 18/10 chromium/nickel composition. Every sink is coated and textured to reduce noise and incorporates a rubber pad for further sound insulation. Installation clips are included for easy assembly.

All of our sinks are covered by a lifetime warranty to guarantee their lasting appearance and performance.