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  • How are the cabinets constructed?

    We offer cabinets from multiple manufacturers with varying construction specifications. On our shopping pages, click the 'See Specifications' link to see all the construction specifications for the door style you are interested in. Most of our cabinets are all 1/2" plywood box construction with a beautiful matching interior and sides. All hinges are concealed and adjustable, shelving is typically 3/4" plywood for extra strength to prevent sagging. Our cabinets are the highest quality stock cabinetry on the market and make an excellent price to value purchase.

  • Do the cabinets come assembled?

    We offer both manufacturer assembled cabinets and ready to assemble cabinets(RTA). The assembled cabinets allow you to open the boxes and install right to the walls, the RTA cabinets require approximately 10-20 minutes of assembly time for each cabinet.

  • How are Kitchen Cabinet Kings' ready to assemble cabinets put together?

    Most of Kitchen Cabinet Kings' RTA cabinets are assembled with just a screw-gun, wood glue, and optionally a staple gun for additional support. Our Newport, Richmond, Villa Cherry, Cherryville, and Geneva door styles are assembled with cam-locks which is a very simple and popular method of assembly. Our frameless cabinet options American Heritage, Bordeaux, Makintosh, Coastal Cream, Twilight, Simply White and Hennessey are assembled using pre-installed wooden dowels and brad nails. Please see our RTA frameless cabinet assembly guide for more details. All our other cabinetry are assembled with pre-mounted metal locking plates installed to the wood panels, so assembling is as simple as sliding the locking plates over the corresponding L-bracket, and fastening with screws in the pre-drilled holes. This method of assembly is not only simple, but provides a very durable, strong cabinet.

    For video instructions on how to assemble assemble our RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we've put together step-by-step videos showing the process. How To Assemble Wall Cabinets, How To Assemble Base Cabinets, How To Assemble Drawers, How to Assemble Soft Close Drawers, How to Assemble a Lazy Susan Cabinet, How to Assemble Base Cabinet w/ Wood I-Beam & Corner Brackets.

  • Are the cabinet sides finished?

    Yes, All of our cabinets feature finished sides in the same exterior color as the door style selected. It is not necessary to add any additional panels for exposed ends.

  • Do the cabinets have a matching finished interior?

    Yes - All of our cabinets have matching finished interiors that match the exterior door and drawer finish.

  • Do the base cabinets have a finished matching toe kick?

    Most of our base cabinets have a finished matching toe kick standard. Additionally, we offer toe kicks available in 8" lengths to cover the seam caused by installing adjacent base cabinets. The following cabinet styles do not have toe kicks included with base cabinets - American Heritage, Bordeaux, Makintosh, Coastal Cream, Twilight, Simply White and Hennessey. Please make sure to order toe kicks for all base cabinets if you are already any of those styles.

  • Do you offer a double wall oven cabinet?

    No - Only single wall oven cabinets are available, however the single wall oven cabinet can be converted into a double wall oven cabinet in the field, by simply removing two of the bottom drawers to increase the height opening. For assembled cabinet orders, we can make this construction modification for you. For more information, please contact our customer service department.

  • Do you offer custom cabinets or modifications?

    In many of our assembled cabinet lines, we are able to make some custom modifications to existing stock cabinets. These modifications include increased cabinet depth, decreased cabinet depth, base oven cabinet conversions, and base microwave cabinet conversions, and single wall oven cabinet to double wall oven cabinet conversions. To find out more information about these custom modifications, please contact our customer service department.

  • Do you offer soft close hinge doors?

    Yes - Soft close door hinges are a standard feature for some door styles, and available for upgrade on others. Please view the construction specifications for the style you are interested in for more information. To add this feature to your cabinet order, follow your online order with an email to Support[at] or contact our customer service department.

  • Do you offer soft close drawers?

    Yes - Soft close drawers are standard on many of our door styles. This information is listed on the cabinet specifications for each door style. If the door style you are interested in does not have soft close drawers standard, it may be available for an upgrade. Please contact our customer service department for more information.

  • Why are Gramercy White, Thompson White, Pearl, and Ice White Shaker cabinet doors/drawers made from MDF material?

    MDF cabinets are commonly used by manufacturers for white painted cabinet applications. MDF is a stiff, hard engineered wood product which has no knots or holes and is fairly strong. It is primarily used to take paint over solid wood because it does not expand or contract through seasonal weather changes which helps prevent the finish from cracking over time.

  • What is the difference between standard overlay and full overlay?

    Overlay refers to the amount that a door covers, or overlays the cabinet face frame. Standard overlay doors typically cover 1/4" to 1/2" of the face frame leaving a 1î to 1 1/4" reveal (amount of face frame showing). Full overlay doors typically cover 1 5/16" of the face frame leaving a 3/16" reveal









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