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U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

U-shaped kitchen plans are extremely versatile. In this type of plan, the counter top and kitchen appliances follow three walls (two parallel and a perpendicular wall). That's makes them potentially effective in small, medium, and large kitchens.

Some of the benefits of a U-shaped kitchens are:

  • - Efficient in most spaces
  • - Do not allow through traffic to disrupt work
  • - Usually large enough for ample counter space
  • - Easy to divide into different work zones

When you choose a U-shape, though, you get some potential problems that you rarely encounter with an L-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchens, for instance, only work well in large spaces when they have an island. The island provides a central area where cooks can prepare ingredients and store kitchen equipment. You probably can't fit an island into a small kitchen without creating an unnecessary barrier. People with large kitchens will get more from the space when they use islands in conjunction with U-shaped plans.

Some people complain that U-shaped designs make it difficult for them to access corner cabinets. These corner cabinets can represent a lot of space. If you take a creative approach by using drawers and Lazy-Susans, you can use those spaces more efficiently. Download a sample U-Shaped Kitchen Layout PDF.

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