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Single Wall Kitchen

Single Wall Kitchen Designs

In a single wall kitchen plan, all the major work areas line up along one wall. Major work areas include the stove top, refrigerator, sink, and necessary countertop space. Many single wall designs also manage to fit in microwaves and other minor appliances.

At first glance, a single wall design might look inefficient. Unlike L-, U-, and G-shaped plans, you can't create a work triangle that gives you efficient access to all major work spaces. Instead, you have to move along a straight line. That can lead to more walking, but there are good aspects that make the single wall plan worth considering.

When you choose a single wall plan, you get:

  • - An easier job that doesn't force you to install counters and cabinets at odd angles
  • - A compact design that can work well in a kitchen of any size
  • - To save money by avoiding excessive countertop space
  • - Simple workflow when the major work areas are within a few feet of each other

If you have a big kitchen and enough money to pay someone to build a new design for you, then you probably won't choose the single wall option. If you want to save money and make a DIY job easier, it's a great plan that could work well for your home. Download a sample Single Wall Kitchen Layout PDF.

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