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Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen plans have counters that run along two parallel walls, leaving a narrow path down the middle. In most cases, the sink, stove top, and refrigerator are also against one of these walls.

The typical galley plan kitchen covers between 100 and 150 square feet. That makes them most suitable for kitchens that fall on the small side. By splitting the counter so that it runs along parallel walls, these kitchens become more efficient while allowing an area for steady workflow.

Unfortunately, this also creates a walk through area that can disrupt busy cooks. Without an alternative path, people may have to walk through the kitchen to reach other parts of the house.

Still, this is an excellent kitchen plan for someone who wants to save money and use space efficiently. Since a good galley plan will put most of the electrical and plumbing components near each other, they also make easy DIY projects. Instead of tearing down a wall to make your kitchen more useful, you can redesign its workflow with a galley plan. Download a sample Galley Kitchen Layout PDF.

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