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5 Tips for a WOW Kitchen Backsplash


5 Tips for Creating a WOW Kitchen BacksplashIf I walked into the kitchen above, my jaw would be on the floor. A kitchen backsplash is one of those distinctive elements that when executed well, provide that “wow” factor to any kitchen. Since many backsplashes are usually positioned behind the range, think of it as the focal point of your kitchen. It’s your chance to showcase your personality, complement the colors and details of your space, and really get creative. Here are five tips to consider when embarking on this exciting project:

Play on existing colors

Is the rest of your kitchen pure white? If so, you might look into a white subway tile to continue with that clean look. If your kitchen is pure white but you’ve decided to incorporate red accents (a kettle here, fresh flowers there), consider a mosaic of red tiles. In the photo of the kitchen above, the designer chose a mixture of blue-green tiles in different hues, both matte and metallic, to match with the exact hue of blue-green of the countertop. Determine a color that is the “theme” of your space, and work from there.

Not just tile

With tile backsplashes increasing in popularity, the range of colors, textures, and prices tiles come in has only increased. Tile is incredibly versatile, and also great for the DIY installer. When designing your dream kitchen though, don’t rule out stainless steel sheets, tin, marble, recycled glass, or even bamboo and wood. To see what’s out there, do your research on blogs, Pinterest, and Houzz, and save your favorite images to an inspiration folder.

Determine your budget

There are so many cost-effective options out there today that it really pays to do your cost-comparison research. Figure out what your budget is for your kitchen, and pick something that you will be sure to still love in five years, instead of leaping for the trendiest and costliest tile of the moment. You’ll also want to budget for good quality grout- it is what will keep your beautiful tiles on the wall!

Can you clean it?

The least enjoyable part of having a kitchen is cleaning the kitchen. Can it be wiped down with a cleaning solvent? Ceramic tiles are generally the easiest to clean and maintain. Keep in mind that natural tiles will need to be sealed to maintain their finish, so be sure to budget this into your project costs as well.

Pick an accent

If there is a gorgeous tile you have just fallen in love with but is too expensive to buy in large quantities, there’s hope yet! A more detailed handmade or glass tile can be interspersed with solid color tiles to give that luxe look without the luxe price. Be sure to map out how many you will need to avoid waste.

What does your dream backsplash look like? Is one in your kitchen remodeling future?

(Photo via Aimee Kim)


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