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6 Ways to Light Your Kitchen With LEDs


The latest lighting trend is LED, or light-emitting diode, light sources. Both energy efficient and bright, LEDs are also versatile and stylish. The small profile of LED lights allow you to use them in many practical, creative and even unexpected ways in a kitchen. For a eco-friendly, bright kitchen make smart use of LEDs throughout your kitchen design.

Can Lights

Do you have can lights or other recessed lighting in your kitchen? Many kitchens rely on such lighting fixtures for most of the illumination in the room. New LED remodeling kits make it easy to replace those lights with affordable LED lights that will be great energy-savers for any homeowner. Another plus is that LED lights can last up to 20 years — you may not ever have to change a kitchen bulb again!

Toe Kicks

Create great mood lighting, practical nighttime illumination and great accent lighting by installing either white or colored LED lights in the toe kicks under your kitchen cabinets.

Under Cabinets

LEDs are ideal for under-cabinet lighting. They are small so they fit in any space, they are bright for just the right amount of light in any corner, and they do not emit high heat like halogen lights do. This means no sweating hands as you work on the counter underneath the lights.

Glass Cabinets, Shelves or Countertops

If your kitchen uses glass, consider using LED accent lighting for a dramatic look. Use LED rope or puck lights for the interior of glass front cabinets. Top-lit cabinets are particularly effective when you have glass interior shelves. Use small LEDs under glass shelves, floating shelves or countertops for a beautiful glow on the translucent surfaces.

Inside Drawers

Light the inside of drawers, deep base cabinets, lazy susans and other dark corners with LED lights. The small size and versatility of LED lights mean they can be used in places where it would be impossible to use incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Specialty Lighting

Although the options are limited at this point, it’s possible to find LEDs in more and more specialty lights. For example, chandeliers are becoming more common in kitchen and there are a few options utilizing LED lights. Additionally there are track, cable and monorail light fixtures that have energy-efficient LED models. Even some pendant lights use a cluster of LED lights to illuminate islands or countertops.

Using LED lighting is a great way to introduce style and energy efficiency into your kitchen design. Even if you are not doing an entire kitchen design, think about replacing some of your current lighting fixtures with long-lasting, eco-friendly LED lighting.


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