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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – The RIGHT Way


Everyone knows that remodeling is expensive. Luckily, if your wooden cabinets are in good condition a new paint job can transform them – and your kitchen – without the high price of a total remodel. While painting cabinets yourself can be time-consuming, the materials you need are easy to pick up at a hardware store. You might even have some of the things around the house.

Getting Ready

To begin, you will first need to thoroughly clean your cabinets. Undo the hinges and take the doors down from their fixtures. Use a cleaning liquid that will attack dirt as well as grease so the surface area is ready for paint. You will also want to fill in any dents or scratches in the cabinet surface with a wood filler. This will repair the imperfection in a way that paint will easily hide.

Sanding is next. Use a medium grit paper. Apply a primer layer of paint on your sanded surfaces but don’t put away the sander just yet! For the best finished project, you will want to sand and prime at least twice before using regular paint. This process will make your cabinets as ready as possible for the final coat of paint. If you really want your cabinets to look perfectly smooth, switch to a finer grit of sandpaper for the second or third sanding.

Don’t forget to wipe all the dust off after you’re done. There’s nothing worse than finishing a paint job only to see that bits of saw dust or grime are trapped beneath the new polish! Avoid this home improvement tragedy by thoroughly wiping off your surfaces after each round of sanding and before you apply primer.

Let’s Paint!

That’s it! Now all you have to do is apply two layers of semi-gloss paint. If you are using a brush, you will get the best results by forking over the extra cash to get a high quality brush from a hardware or home improvement store. Cheaper brushes will leave you with obvious brush marks, undefined edges and loose brush hairs stuck in your paint.

Wait for the paint to completely dry before putting the cabinets back up in your kitchen. Err on the side of caution and let them dry longer if you have doubts. Putting them back up too soon will likely result in your freshly painted doors sticking to the cabinet box itself, causing all your hard work to be ruined within seconds.

While waiting for your cabinet doors to dry completely, you can turn your attention to the hinges and doorknobs. This hardware doesn’t get very dirty but give them a wash in warm soapy water and you will notice the extra gleam against your newly painted cabinets!

  • Doug Muhle

    Also keep in mind a few of the painting basics:

    1) Paint in an open ventilated area. Open windows and turn on the fans, in case your paint is poisonous or harmful.
    2) Make sure that you cover up any non-painted areas with newspaper or a plastic to prevent any areas from not being painted.

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