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Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen for the Holidays


During the most wonderful time of the year, it becomes somewhat difficult to reel in the celebration. Here are a few tips and tricks to decorating your kitchen without going over board.

The easiest way to bring that holiday cheer into your kitchen is if you have glass kitchen cabinets. You can put your Spode Christmas China on display or even your favorite ornaments. Utilizing the glass cabinets allows you to decorate without cluttering your kitchen, and we all know how important space is during the holidays.

An easy alternative to using garland all over the room is to simply wrap it around your pendant lighting, chandelier, or banister. This will still have that piney smell that awakens the senses, without leaving needles galore.

One of my all time favorite tips for decorating the kitchen during the holidays is to incorporate tiny, glass ornaments. These can be hung in a number of places, but the simplest, most noticeable place, is around the knob to the wall cabinets. This uniforms the decorating and adds a little sparkle we all love so much!

Don’t overdo it with the decorating this year, stick to simple ideas.


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