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Category Archives: bathroom design

  1. Following Feng Shui to a Better Bathroom

    Do you find yourself becoming stressed when trying to relax and renew? Use these minimal-effort tips from the art of Feng Shui to make your bathroom feel like new.

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  2. orange-fish-scale-tiles-marble-bathtub-featured

    Examples of Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom to Inspire You

    Is your bathroom lacking personality? Here are some creative ways to play around with shapes and colors in your bathroom by adding ceramic tiles.

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  3. At-home-wood-sauna-window-with-city-view-featured

    Guess What’s On Our Bathroom Wish List?

    Do you have a bathroom wish list full of luxury items that you long to obtain one day? Check out what’s on our wish list to make sure there’s nothing you missed!

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  4. mike-tyson-black-jacuzzi-bath-window-wall-mirrored-ceilings-featured

    Which of These Celebrity Bathrooms Best Suits Your Style

    Looking for some design inspiration for your bathroom? Check out these 5 celebrity bathroom styles that you can mimic in your own home.

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  5. bright-bathroom-industrial-fixtures-featured

    What Your Spirit Bathroom Is According to Personality Type

    Are you easygoing or dominant? Sensitive and withdrawn? Caring and generous? Read this post to find out which bathroom style best suits your personality type.

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  6. Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks Maven Tiled Bathroom with Bathtub

    Don’t Start Your Bathroom Remodel Before Doing This One Thing

    Remodeling your bathroom soon? Don’t start before you ask yourself this one important question!

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