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Five Mistakes People Make When Designing Their Bathroom


If you’re remodeling a bathroom, you likely have big plans and lots of ideas for the space. I know you’re already thinking about what bathtub and tile you want, but don’t forget the little things! We put together five mistakes that people often make when designing a bathroom.

#1: Not Measuring Carefully

Before you begin, measure your space accurately. Don’t be satisfied with a single measurement, measure two or three times. As you measure, sketch the space onto a piece of paper, noting the location of current fixtures in the bathroom. If you plan to expand the bathroom space, sketch that in as well. Double check your measurements, and if possible, have another person measure to confirm your numbers.

#2: No Appliance Map

Transfer your sketch onto a piece of graph paper (or make your own graph paper). Each square on the graph paper should represent a certain number of inches. For example, if you have 1/2 inch squares on the graph paper, each 1/2 inch can equal one foot in reality. After sketching the floor plan on the graph paper, cut out pieces in the proportional sizes to represent the fixtures and features in your bathroom. Moving them around on the mapped bathroom space will help you visualize the results. This method also allows you to try out different combinations like a larger tub or a separate shower and see if you can make them fit.

#3: Failing To Stick Within a Theme

When designing a bathroom, think about maintaining balance with the rest of the house and within the space confines of the room. If your bathroom is small, avoid a huge whirlpool tub or giant walk-in shower. A fixture that is out of proportion to the room doesn’t look elegant, out of place or overdone. And keep the decor consistent with the design in the rest of the home. A 1920’s bungalow is not the place to try a chrome and black, modern bathroom.

#4: Choosing Design over Functionality

Remember that all the beautiful fixtures and stunning tile work in the world won’t make up for the fact that you can’t reach the towel bar from the shower or the fact that you have no place to store towels or a few extra rolls of toilet paper. Remember to make cabinets, closets and other storage a part of your design, and put function ahead of form. You can still have a gorgeous design, just make sure it works as a bathroom first.

#5: Overlook Plumbing & Electrical

Although it’s not too glamorous, remember that the plumbing and electrical work must be considered in design. Fit it into your budget, and have a contractor evaluate your plans to be sure the plumbing and electrical can be configured into your design.


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