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Yearly Archives: 2010

  1. Staple Features of Your Bathroom Vanity

    Entering any shopping experience without a clue as to what you want can be dangerous; who knows what you can walk out of the store with. When you begin shopping for a bathroom vanity here are a few essential features of the right fit.

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  2. Staggered Height Wall Cabinets Take Your Kitchen to New Heights With

    The sky’s the limit; take your renovation to new heights with staggered wall kitchen cabinets. This look will give your kitchen the pick me up that it desperately needs!

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  3. Old World Charm In Your New Kitchen

    Take yourself on a mental get away everytime you step into your kitchen. Your home should serve as a sanctuary after your long, hard days, and starring at an out dated kitchen is not going to make that happen. Redesign your kitchen using country kitchen cabinets and infuse a sense of relaxation back into your life.

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  4. Modernize Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is a very easy to overlook; you remodel the kitchen and years later you realize your bathroom is stuck in a different era. Here are two ways to instantly modernize your bathroom.

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  5. Many Options, One Look – Some Tips To Start

    So many times we hear that you have to stick to one design scheme and work from there when we are planning a remodel. However, if you like a little bit of variety, you should be able to incorporate that into your kitchen. Here are some pointers on how to infuse differing styles into your kitchen.

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  6. Eternal Beauty of Maple Cabinets

    So many cabinets are trendy, leaving you with something up and coming one day and something out of style the next. If you are looking for something with timeless beauty, look into maple cabinets. The durability and versatility of these cabinets sell themselves.

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