Range Hoods from Kitchen Cabinet Kings

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  • 36" Chateau in Antique


    36" Chateau in Antique

    36" W x 41" H x 21" D
  • 36" Chateau in Brushed Nickel


    36" Chateau in Brushed Nickel

    36" W x 41" H x 21" D
  • 42" Chateau in Antique


    42" Chateau in Antique

    42" W x 41" H x 21" D
  • 42" Chateau in Brushed Nickel


    42" Chateau in Brushed Nickel

    42" W x 41" H x 21" D
  • Chalet in Antique


    Chalet in Antique

    36" W x 41" H x 24" D
  • Chalet in Brushed Nickel


    Chalet in Brushed Nickel

    36" W x 41" H x 24" D
  • Coronado in Antique


    Coronado in Antique

    36" W x 41" H x 24" D
  • Island Mount Range Hood


    Island Mount Range Hood

    36" W x 23 H x 22 D
  • Wall Mount Range Hood


    Wall Mount Range Hood

    30" W x 25 H x 22 D

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Range Hoods

Range hoods protect your kitchen from grease and grime buildup while also keeping it free of smoke while you cook. Even the best chefs need hoods. We offer a number of options for you, both the residential and commercial user.

Range Hood Considerations

A range hood is a necessary feature of a kitchen. The range hood captures steam, smoke and odors from a cooktop and vents them to the outdoors or filters them for safety and a fresher kitchen. Additionally, the range hood keeps grease from building up throughout your kitchen and coating the cabinets and walls. A ducted hood needs to have easy access to an outside wall for the venting ducts, which limits you a bit in kitchen design. Remember to plan for the range hood ducting during the design phase. A wall mount range hood is the most common style, and is used when a cooktop is placed on the perimeter wall of the kitchen. If the cooktop is on the center island, then you'll use an island mount range hood.

Wall Mount LCLH2

We've responded to the demand for stainless steel range hoods by offering the LCLH2 wall mount range hood. This stylish hood features a clear, tempered glass canopy and a three speed fan control for great flexibility regardless of the need. The LCLH2 is a ducted model so it can keep a room clear of smoke and odor effectively. Modern styling includes touch screen controls and a sleek black and stainless design. The high-powered centrifugal blower keeps the air filtering process efficient. The aluminum grease filter is dishwasher safe, which is a great time and mess saver. The chimney comes in variable dimensions, and can fit any ceiling from 7-8 feet with the included extension piping.

Island Mount LCLH5

Our island mount model is a fashionable fixture with a similar sleek look as the LCLH2. The hood vents to the outdoors through the ceiling, and can accommodate ceilings between 7 and 8 feet tall using the included stainless steel extension. The powerful 900 CFM centrifugal blower will capture any unwanted smells, steam or grease and blow it quickly away. The sleek styling incorporates electronic touchscreen technology, a three speed fan control, a clear tempered-glass canopy and two halogen lights are on each LCLH5 model. The unit comes complete with the hardware needed for an island mount, but can also be converted to a wall mount hood by using the enclosed wall mount hardware.

Style Ideas

Either range hook works well in a variety of kitchen designs. In a white kitchen, the LCLH5 provides a look of continuity, while the LCLH2 gives a great contrast, particularly if you choose stainless steel appliances. In a dark wood kitchen, the LCLH2 is a perfect addition with it's black control panel and glass canopy. Highlight the sleek look of each of the chimneys with creative backsplash that can extend as far up the wall as you wish. The LCLH2 allows a larger portion of the backsplash to be seen than is true for a traditional wall-mount range hood.

With either of the LCLH products, you get the high-end look you want for your new kitchen without the high-end price of other kitchen hoods. Just as you can save money and time by buying cabinets online, choosing to buy a range hood online will also save you money and time. Ask our kitchen designers to include one of our range hoods in their proposed layouts for you and see what a new island mount range hood or wall mount range hood will add to your kitchen style. Remember, Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a great place to buy range hoods as well as well as the cabinets you want for the kitchen you're dreaming of.

Things to Consider

  • Location matters when it comes to selecting a range hood
  • Island range hoods are ideal as they hang over the top of your kitchen island, not requiring wall placement
  • Under cabinet range hoods make it possible to avoid large stacks in your kitchen

The most common option is a wall mount range hood which works well in spaces that need significant ventilation.

What to Look For

When you select your range hood, look for an energy-efficient model that runs quietly. The very best will also fit into the style of your space. For example, our stainless steel range hoods easily match other appliances in the space. These are easy to clean and maintain, too. The sleek look adds to the kitchen's overall appeal.

What They Do

Wall mounted range hoods, and other styles, help remove odor from the air. Select those that will capture all unwanted smells, grease, and steam and remove it from the room. Some of the most advanced products feature electronic touchscreen technology, tempered-glass canopies, halogen lighting, and three-speed control.

For an island mount range hood, be sure to consider the ceiling height (most will accommodate between seven and eight feet in height) and the overall power of the device. For commercial kitchens, you want the most possible power; for at-home users, there is no need to overspend here. Stylish and functional, these pieces are a must-have in any kitchen. They do not have to take away from the open layout and feel of your space.